Saturday, July 21, 2012

Club Penguin Rocky and CeCe Tracker July 2012

Rocky and CeCe from shake it up are now on the island of club penguin. You are able to meet them and befriend them. They have also brought with them a new background for you to get when you find them. The real rocky and cece are going to be playing there own players till July 31st. Take a look at the trackers below:

How To Find Rocky and CeCe:
Rocky and CeCe will be on the island for two weeks and that will be plenty of time to find them. They will only attend the Ultimate Jam Party this month. They are hard to find but they are found on certain servers. CeCe and Rocky will go on 3-5 bar server on club penguin. They can also be on full servers most of the time. They will also be on different language servers most of the time. They can be found in the forest, cove, snow forts, town, mine shack, rooftop, the concert room, and the V.I.P lounge. CeCe is a yellow penguin with red hair, red shorts, and a sparkling British shirt. Rocky is a aqua blue penguin with black hair, a silver necklace, and a sparkling black dress. To gat there background click on their player card and click the icon with the box. To be buddies with them click on the icon with the two miniature penguin. Take a look at the what they will look like below:
Have fun tracking the new mascots, Rocky and CeCe on the island. Waht is your favorite thing about them. Their new background? The fact that you met them? Or being buddies with them? To let me know of which three of those you liked the best about the new mascots, you can leave a comment below.


  1. where is rocky and cece?

  2. some where on the island. I personally don't know.


  3. how to get a autograph from cece and rocky?

  4. where is rocky and cece

  5. are rocky and cece still at the island in august if they arnt and i missed them i will cry
    i also have an idea every time the ultimate jan party comes on rocky and cece will change severs and be in the town every 15 minutes
    that would make me the happiest person on earth

  6. guys they will be on it every music jam so cool i cant wait til 31st of july in 2013