Monday, April 21, 2014

Club Penguin Puffle Park Pin Cheats

Club penguin has recently released a new pin. The ending pin for this month is a puffle park pin. This pin is located in the Club Penguin university. The new pin is shown in the picture below:

The new pin is a fantastic addition to your pin collection. I think this pin is great! If you would like you can comment below to let e know whether or not you like it to.

Club Penguin Blue Border Collie Hat Code

Club Penguin has just released a new unlockable item for every penguin to enjoy. The new unlockable item is a blue border collie hat. You can unlock this item by typing in puffles1. Check out the new border collie hat below:

After you have typed in Puffles1 on your screen, you will redeem the item below:

The item above will be a great new addition to your inventory. If you like the item above or you would just like to talk, please comment below.


Monday, April 15, 2013

Club Penguin Extraz is Now Open

Hello penguins. As you know I have stopped blogging on this blog so I decided to open a new one. The new website is Club Penguin Extraz. To get to the blog click here: Hope you have a good time getting your cheats on Club Penguin Extraz. Thanks for visiting.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Club Penguin Magazine Issue 16

The newest club penguin magazine has now been released for the club penguin players to get and read. The new magazine features the marvel superhero takeover party. There are two items to unlock. An incredible hero suit and one unlockable item from the treasure book. Take a look below:
With this magazine you will be able to unlock 1500 coins for your virtual penguin and a snow-hoop game cover gift. What item do you think is the best? The incredible hero suit, 1500 coins, a treasure book item, or a snow-hoop game item. To let me know which is your favorite, comment below.


Sunday, November 25, 2012

New Club Penguin 3 Month Membership Card

Today while searching the club penguin web I came across a new club penguin 3 month membership. This membership will include 3 months of membership and a ninja coat item for your penguin. Take a look below at the new membership:
Hope you penguins will enjoy the new item and membership. What item do you think club penguin will put on a membership next? If you have an idea or a guess just comment to let me know.

Club Penguin: The Directors Identity Revealed

As operation blackout is coming to an end most penguins have come in aw at the Directors identity revealed to them. Apparently most penguins thought it was a boy penguin. The Director is actually one of club penguins own mascots, Aunt Arctic. Look below to see the Directors Identity:
We now know that the Director is Aunt Arctic. It's pretty cool actually. Since this secret has now been revealed there may be more secrets to be revealed here soon on the island. What do you think might be uncovered here soon? To let us know you can leave a comment below.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Club Penguin Herbert Tracker November 2012

Club penguin has now released a new mascot named Herbert P. Bear. He is the villain of the club penguin island and is now a mascot. You will be able to meet him till December 4th. Herbert has even brought a new background and stamp for you to collect. Below is the Herbert P. Bear tracker:
About Herbert:
Herbert P. Bear is the islands most wanted villain. Herbert has a crab partner named klutzy. Herbert is now the only mascot who is not a penguin. He loves hot weather and enjoys swimming. Herbert is a polar bear that is slightly larger than a penguin. He is able to through large snowballs at you in the game. Herbert has created lots of schemes to warm up the island, but all of them have failed. You can meet him at Operation blackout. This will be the first time on club penguin to meet him. Here is a picture of his player card below:
Hope all you penguins have fun finding Herbert at the Operation Blackout. What do you like the best that Herbert is giving away? His new background? His stamp. Let me know in a comment below.